4 Tips for Staying Dry this April

Tips for Staying Dry this April

April is notorious for its unreliable weather. With fitful showers throughout the day and deceivingly bright but flying visits from the sun, it's difficult to get anything that involves leaving the house done.

To help you get on with your day, we've put together a few tips on how to avoid getting totally drenched this April...

1. Waterproofness and Breathability

Sporting a waterproof jacket is the obvious means of tackling frequent rain showers. However, equally important but less known about is breathability.

Waterproof qualities mean nothing without breathability. And likewise. While waterproof features stop rain getting through, breathability is about letting moisture from perspiration through.

Sporting a lightweight, waterproof and breathable jacket will contribute to your overall comfort and warmth. No need to worry about trying to hold a half broken umbrella up in strong wind and rain, just pop your packaway jacket on and get your hood up.

It will take more than rain to ruin your day!

2. Use Bin Liners & Sandwich bags

Okay, so admittedly, bin liners playing a part in keeping you dry may have raised some eyebrows. No, we aren't suggesting you wear one (phew). But, have you ever had the contents of your bag get soaked on rainy days?

Your notebook, chewing gum, a letter you intended to post... all soggy and falling apart... As if getting soaked yourself wasn't bad enough.

Transferring the contents of your handbag or rucksack into a bin liner and then into your handbag/rucksack is the answer to this problem as it will help keep your belongings dry when it's really wet outside. For smaller items you want to keep dry, a sandwich bag will also work a treat!

3. Appropriate Footwear & Waterproof Socks

It may be tempting to slip on those new plimsoles you've been dying to show off but you risk getting them potentially ruined along with your day if you let a sunny April spell deceive you! And let's face it there are few things more annoying than having wet feet for the day.

If your favourite pair of shoes are getting a bit worn out why not invest in a pair of waterproof socks to eliminate any chance of leakage? And use those really rainy days as an excuse to crack out a pair of colourful wellies!

4. Overtrousers

Waterproof jackets are all well and good but what about our poor exposed legs?

Having your legs soaked while your torso remains protected can be pretty infuriating when you have to spend the whole day uncomfortable due to wearing wet jeans. That’s where a pair of overtrousers come to the rescue.

Just like a waterproof coat for your legs, struggling through the day with uncomfortably wet legs will become a thing of the past. Much like our Mac in a Sac packable waterproof jackets, our packable overtrousers come in a handy stuff sac, making them perfect for those out of the blue showers you really don’t have the time for.

Author - Kaity Hall

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