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  • Summer Workout Kit Essentials

    Although the weather lately has been a bit of washout, there’s still time to enjoy the ‘warmish’ temperatures and get a bit of a workout fitted in to your routine.

    Whether you’re heading to the gym or getting out and about, here’s a list of the essentials that you will want to bring with you to ensure that you maxmise your workout session.

    Filter water bottle – It stands to reason that if you’re working out, you need to stay hydrated. Brita make great filter water bottles so you can sip on clean filtered water whilst you go for a run or hop on the treadmill. 

    Face wipes – With all the sweat that your body produces during a fitness session, you will need to keep a couple of face wipes handy. Not only will they feel refreshing and soothing against your overheated skin, they will also clean away the sweat, oil and grime to help prevent breakouts.

    Deodorant – We’re not talking your standard roll-on. Make sure to stock up on the 24-48 hour deodorants, that will keep you feeling fresh from your morning workout right through until the evening. Look for one that’s both long lasting and nourishing for your skin. After a tough fitness session, your skin will be dehydrated and warm, a nourishing deodorant will help to cool and hydrate your skin.

    Suncreen – Even on an overcast day, you are still at danger of the sun’s rays damaging your skin. If you’re going on a power walk or a run, make sure that you lather on sunscreen to protect any exposed skin.

    Glucose tablets – You can buy tablets that dissolve in water, but when you’re out and about, it might be a lot easier to take gluco chewable tablets. They help to give your body a bit of a glucose boost so you can keep going for longer.

    Energy bar - A post-workout snack is great for giving your body a much needed hit of nutrition. Opt for a healthy, fruit-filled energy bar to put the vitamins and minerals back into your body.

    SPF lip balm – Your lips are often forgotten when it comes to protecting your skin against the sun. Sweat can also leave them feeling a little dry and chapped. Pack a moisturizing lip balm with added sunscreen, so your lips are well nourished and hydrated.

    Packaway Mac – The weather can be pretty unpredictable. Make sure your workout isn’t spoiled by any sudden showers and invest in a lightweight, waterproof, packaway mac.

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  • 10 Essentials For Any Camping Trip

    Camping is one of those activities that either conjures up great memories of weekends away with the family/friends or nightmare situations where you run out of toilet roll, get covered in midge bites and can never quite manage to get the fire lit. 

    One way to have a great camping trip full of fond memories and to avoid any nasty disasters is to make sure that you have all the essentials you will need. There’s nothing worse than forgetting to bring water, your sleeping bag or no way of cooking or eating your BBQ food.

    Follow our top essentials list for a fun camping break with friends or family.

    1. Tent

    A tent is the absolute core essential that will ensure you get a decent night’s sleep and protect you against the wind, rain and evening chill. Sure sleeping under the stars is really bringing it back to nature, but if there’s a sudden rain shower you may have to bring your trip to an abrupt end. 

    2. Sleeping bag

    No self-respecting camping enthusiast would dare leave the house without a sleeping bag. Whether you’re an experienced or newbie camper, a sleeping bag should be one of the first things your pack. Even if you’re camping in a hot travel destination, the temperature will drop in the evenings and you don’t want to get a bad night’s sleep and wake up feeling not so fresh and rejuvenated.

    3. Ground mat

    Lying on the cold hard ground does not do your back any favours. Pack a ground mat so your sleeping bag doesn’t get cold and damp from any evening condensation. Bring an extra blanket with you if you fancy another layer between you, the ground and the mat.

    4. Torch

    How else could you share spooky ghost stories around the fire than with a torch?! Definitely one for the backpack, a torch comes in handy for any midnight trips to the toilet or for finding those left over crisps in the dark.

    5. Waterproofs

    The weather forecast can often lie. When you’re expecting nice sunny days, it can be quite unsettling to see a dark raincloud head your way. Make sure you’re prepared for what nature throws at you with a good waterproof coat or jacket. It doesn’t have to take up much room, a waterproof packaway mac is great for providing a watertight barrier between you and the elements. 

    6. Wipes

    Becoming one with nature isn’t the cleanest of activities. Wipes come in handy for any mishaps, spillages and general hygiene.

    7. Plastic Bags

    Keep your dirty laundry separate from your clean clothes by keeping a stash of plastic bags in your rucksack. They also come in handy for storing dirty dishes or general rubbish and left over food.

    8. Stove/BBQ & Plastic Cutlery

    Camping meals can be dull unless you have a portable stove or a disposable bbq. There are only so many packets of crisps or sweets that you can eat! There are loads of options when it comes to portable stoves for festivals and they are very reasonably priced and quite compact. If you do bring a stove then don’t forget your cutlery.

    9. Portable phone charger

    Whilst camping should be about switching off and getting back to nature, most of us can’t survive without our phones. Should anything happen whilst you’re out in the wilderness, at least a phone can help in getting emergency services to your aid. Portable phone chargers are a godsend when you don’t have a socket nearby.

    10. Toilet roll

    Last, but certainly not least, the absolute camping trip essential; toilet roll. Unless you have an encyclopedic brain, it’s unlikely that you will know every plant and leaf and which of those are poisonous and which are harmless. Best to stay on the safe side and avoid unwanted rashes with toilet roll or at least a packet of tissues.

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  • Our Top Essentials To Help You Survive The Festival Season

    The Festival season has officially begun! 

    If you’re heading off to any summer festivals across the UK, Ireland and Europe this year, make sure you are well prepared. The weather can be highly unpredictable and lets face it, there’s nothing worse than getting caught in torrential rain and stuck in a mud bath. It’s not fun if you're dressed in a t-shirt and shorts in cold, wet and windy conditions.

    We’ve put together a few recommendations for your festival survival kit to make sure you get through it with as relatively little damage as possible. Packing the essentials gives you peace of mind that nothing will get in the way of spoiling your fun!

    Backpack/rucksack - this goes without saying that you need a good quality, durable backpack that’s big enough to carry everything you need but that won’t weigh a ton. Don’t go overboard and pack the kitchen sink. Take a couple of changes of clothes and a few accessories to change up your look should you desire to.

    Wellies - No self-respecting festival buff would be without wellies! Definitely not something to scrimp on, wellies need to be completely waterproof, fit well (to avoid any stuck in the mud situations) and of course it doesn’t hurt if they look funky and stylish. Check out our ladies and kiddies wellies that come in a range of different patterns and bright fun colours.

    Plimsolls - when the weather is good, you won’t want to be donning the wellies. if you do, expect sweaty, smelly and heat swollen feet! Plimsolls take up minimum space in your bag and they can easily go with any outfit.

    Plasters & Paracetamol - avoid any nasty blister eruptions with waterproof plasters. Protect your ankles and any minor cuts and help them heal. Packing paracetamol will help with any headaches (those unexpected and also those self-inflicted) and make sure you don’t miss out on any musical acts.

    Sunscreen - even though the sky is cloudy, you can still get burnt! Cover any exposed areas and avoid the burnt tomato look.

    Wet wipes - definitely, definitely one for the backpack. Easy to keep fresh and clean and easy to dispose of.

    Torch - another essential that goes without saying! Festivals are for having fun and staying up all night. A torch will ensure you don’t stumble in the dark and will guide you on any late night trips to the portaloos.

    Waterproofs - Unexpected showers can catch you at any moment. Make sure you still enjoy your weekend away even when the weather is lashing down. There are plenty of options out there if you’re looking for a fashionable mac or poncho, but chances are, if they’re cheap they will most likely fail to keep you warm and dry. Mac in a Sac polka dot ponchos and waterproof packaway jackets are perfect for ensuring that you enjoy the music without getting completely drenched.

    Dry shampoo - Unless you want to stand under a freezing cold shower to wash your hair, you can keep your mop looking fresh with good old dry shampoo. Spraying it at the roots will keep it looking grease free and smelling clean.

    Let us know what festivals you will be attending this summer, as well as your survival essentials!

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  • Get ready for Summer with 20% OFF!

    The sun is out and the barbeque is burning... yep, it's the beginning of summer! And with that, comes the packing of the suitcase for your big summer get-away.

    This weekend we thought we would give you all a special treat to celebrate. We're offering you 20% OFF our entire range for the whole weekend! Just enter GETREADY20 at the checkout to claim your discount. But hurry- the offer will expire on Monday at 12 midnight.

    Enjoy! And from everyone at Mac in a Sac- have a great holiday!

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  • The Khaki Poncho: New for Spring/Summer 2014

    This summer sees the introduction of a new colour in our Poncho. We've designed a poncho for the outdoors-man who enjoys recreational activities such as bird-watching and shooting. When the rain comes on, our new Khaki Poncho is quick and easy to throw on over the top of your clothes and is big enough to keep your backpack and anything else you are carrying underneath dry too. The colour is designed to ensure you remain unseen by the wildlife around you and are able to carry on through the storms.



    Including a high level of waterproofing and breathability, snap adjustable side openings to create the perfect fit around you and your backpack, and the fact that it packs conveniently into it's own pocket, the Khaki Poncho has plenty of features to prove why it's the best choice. You can see the full list of features below:

    • Waterproof (5000mm)
    • Breathable (5000gsm)
    • Windproof
    • Fully taped seams
    • Integral, adjustable hood
    • Packs into front pouch pocket
    • Pouch doubles as emergency pillow
    • Snap adjustable side openings
    • Reflective piping
    • Cycle wrist strips

    The Khaki Poncho is already proving to be popular so make sure you don't miss out! :)

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  • Product Spotlight: Unisex Travel Coat

    If the Easter holidays have taught us anything, it’s that our lovely British weather can be extremely unpredictable at times. One minute you’re reaching for your sunglasses and the next minute it’s started raining! One way you can stay prepared at all times is to carry around our Mac in a Sac Unisex Travel Coat in your bag. Here’s why it’s perfect for the springtime showers...

    New for our 2014 Spring/Summer Collection, our Unisex Travel Mac in a Sac is full length, meaning your legs will stay as dry as the rest of you when the rain comes on. This coat also packs away into its own pocket eliminating the possibility of losing the bag (you’d be surprised how many phone calls we get from poor souls looking for replacement bags after a windy day on the mountain). When packed away into the pocket, this super lightweight coat is small enough to fit comfortably into any rucksack or handbag.

    Featuring fully taped seams, the Unisex Travel Coat is completely waterproof, windproof and breathable, so you will be kept comfortable while protected from the rain. This coat incorporates a two-way zip designed for added comfort whilst seated and a concealed hood that packs into the collar. Other little details like a removable waist belt and a snap buttoned shoulder covering keep this coat stylish as well as functional.

    If you need a little more info, you can view the full list of features for this coat by clicking here.

    Perfect for hill walking or covering up while out and about in the town or country, the Mac in a Sac Unisex Travel Coat has got you covered.

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