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  • 4 Ways Your Mac in a Sac Comes in Handy

    4 ways your Mac in a Sac comes in handy

    Wondering whether a Mac in a Sac jacket is right for you? Our high performance, compact jackets really “pac” a punch when it comes to weather protection and there’s lots of every day scenarios where our jackets can come in handy for you.


    1. Fits perfectly in schoolbags

    If you’re getting your little one all set for a school trip you’ll most likely be concerned about whether or not the weather will stay dry.

    Our Mac in a Sac Mini range pack away neatly into a compact stuff bag so there’s no need to try and cram a heavy coat into their schoolbag. They’ll have easily accessible super waterproof compact cover up for if and when surprise showers strike.

    You can keep your mind at ease and your little one won’t get soaked.


    2. No bag? No problem!

    Maybe you’re heading to an outdoor concert or just out on a leisurely walk and don’t want to be weighed down by a handbag or backpack.

    Our handy stuff bags come with elastic adjustable cords which are super easily tied around your belt or belt loop on your jeans so you can keep your hands free and minimise the need to a handbag or backpack.


    3. Doesn’t weight you down

    Our jackets are super lightweight making them perfect for a multitude of activities such as running, hiking and cycling.

    However, packed away in its stuff sack your Mac in a Sac won’t add a lot of weight.

    So whether you have on multiple layers out and about on a wintery day or a light shirt on a warm day, your versatile Mac in a Sac will provide you with the waterproof protection you need when from impending downpours.


    4. Carrying wet coats & umbrellas becomes a thing of the past

    Whenever the weather’s temperamental, sunny one minute raining the next, adjusting our attire to these changes can be a bit of a nightmare resulting in inevitable wardrobe malfunctions and the wish to shun ourselves inside for good.

    Easily transported, easily worn and easily packed away, a Mac in a Sac jacket eliminates the unpleasantness of having to carry around a thoroughly rain soaked coat or dripping umbrella when the clouds part and the sun makes another appearance.

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  • 4 Tips for Staying Dry this April

    Tips for Staying Dry this April

    April is notorious for its unreliable weather. With fitful showers throughout the day and deceivingly bright but flying visits from the sun, it's difficult to get anything that involves leaving the house done.

    To help you get on with your day, we've put together a few tips on how to avoid getting totally drenched this April...

    1. Waterproofness and Breathability

    Sporting a waterproof jacket is the obvious means of tackling frequent rain showers. However, equally important but less known about is breathability.

    Waterproof qualities mean nothing without breathability. And likewise. While waterproof features stop rain getting through, breathability is about letting moisture from perspiration through.

    Sporting a lightweight, waterproof and breathable jacket will contribute to your overall comfort and warmth. No need to worry about trying to hold a half broken umbrella up in strong wind and rain, just pop your packaway jacket on and get your hood up.

    It will take more than rain to ruin your day!

    2. Use Bin Liners & Sandwich bags

    Okay, so admittedly, bin liners playing a part in keeping you dry may have raised some eyebrows. No, we aren't suggesting you wear one (phew). But, have you ever had the contents of your bag get soaked on rainy days?

    Your notebook, chewing gum, a letter you intended to post... all soggy and falling apart... As if getting soaked yourself wasn't bad enough.

    Transferring the contents of your handbag or rucksack into a bin liner and then into your handbag/rucksack is the answer to this problem as it will help keep your belongings dry when it's really wet outside. For smaller items you want to keep dry, a sandwich bag will also work a treat!

    3. Appropriate Footwear & Waterproof Socks

    It may be tempting to slip on those new plimsoles you've been dying to show off but you risk getting them potentially ruined along with your day if you let a sunny April spell deceive you! And let's face it there are few things more annoying than having wet feet for the day.

    If your favourite pair of shoes are getting a bit worn out why not invest in a pair of waterproof socks to eliminate any chance of leakage? And use those really rainy days as an excuse to crack out a pair of colourful wellies!

    4. Overtrousers

    Waterproof jackets are all well and good but what about our poor exposed legs?

    Having your legs soaked while your torso remains protected can be pretty infuriating when you have to spend the whole day uncomfortable due to wearing wet jeans. That’s where a pair of overtrousers come to the rescue.

    Just like a waterproof coat for your legs, struggling through the day with uncomfortably wet legs will become a thing of the past. Much like our Mac in a Sac packable waterproof jackets, our packable overtrousers come in a handy stuff sac, making them perfect for those out of the blue showers you really don’t have the time for.

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  • Winter Workout Motivation

    alt="winter workout motivation"

    Whether your New Years resolutions involved running, cycling, walking or mountain climbing, most people's will have involved some form of fitness plan for self-improvement throughout the year ahead. However, a couple of weeks into January and the dark mornings, frosty footpaths and limited daylight of winter can get many people's spirits down. To beckon back that ever receding motivation we have put together a list of ways you can get yourself back on track when you feel yourself struggling.

    Realistic Expectations

    If you started 2016 with the intention of getting up at 5am and running for an hour before getting ready for work then chances are, unless you have already been running for quite a while, you were defeated before you even really got started. Your workout shouldn't be a form of punishment and if you're making yourself get up at an ungodly hour before you even have a real investment or passion for the exercise then you've no real chance. And this does nothing to improve your waning motivation. Beginning with baby steps instead of a hardcore regime will foster better feelings about the workout itself. Then you can gradually up your game as you go along!

    Goal Setting: Short Term/Mid Term/Long Term

    Instead of having vague New Year workout "resolutions" for 2016, call them "goals" and put together a more concrete and detailed plan. Group your goals into short term, mid-term and long terms categories defined by months throughout the year. E.g. a goal set for December 2016 would be a long term goal but something you want to achieve by May would be a mid-term goal. Having this more detailed insight to what your goals are will make them feel immediately more achievable. Think of it as a year-long to-do list!

    Have a Bit of Fun

    Bring a bit of fun into your workout by compiling a running playlist if the repetitiveness is something getting to you. Songs with more than 120 beats per minute are meant to make exercise seem easier. Stumped for ideas? Spotify and Songza have some great playlists put together especially for working out purposes! If music just isn't cutting it though, fear not, because you can now run away from hordes of zombies whenever you feel like it. Yes, you heard me correctly, Zombies, Run! is an app with 200 different missions involving outrunning zombies who are hot on your trail. It's an adventure game that you actually have an active input beyond pressing buttons and who knows, it might be just what you need to get those motivation levels soaring.

    Get Yourself a Nice Workout Kit

    Working out can make even the most confident of us feel very self-conscious. If you throw on old clothes that don't necessarily make you feel very good about yourself, this will have a reflection on your motivation for going through with the workout at all. So, it's important to invest in a workout kit you'd actually like to be seen in. Factoring in comfort, warmth and breathability are all important key factors in putting together your workout kit. Don't get held back on those rainier days either by having a good waterproof coat at the ready too.

    Reward Yourself

    Is there a better source of motivation than the thought of having your favourite meal, watching that new show on Netflix or having a relaxing bath after your workout? Promising yourself these little treats for after you've finished your workout are important to keep yourself motivated and to recognise working out as being something rewarding within your life.

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  • Revamping Dry January

    Feeling guilty about not partaking in Dry January? Never fear, we're giving Dry January an entirely new meaning!

    As it's one of the coldest, wettest months of the year, we recognise how important your clothing choices are in tackling the elements and the impact that these choices can have on your overall wellbeing. Let's face it, have you ever gotten soaked by the rain and been completely fine with it? The unpredictability of the weather and the way in which it affects our moods, (and sometimes our entire day) is quite often exacerbated by poor clothing choices, particularly outerwear. Your fur collared leather jacket might look great with your outfit but the moment you get caught in a rain shower it is an immediately regrettable choice. I know. I've been there. So, if for 2016, you want to finally say no to being cold and wet, we've compiled your Dry January guide to waterproof clothing, detailing all the different styles of jackets and coats and explaining how wash and reproof your Mac in a Sac when the time comes round to it.

    Mac in a Sac Classic Waterproof Packaway

    You don't have to sacrifice style for comfort with Mac in a Sac. Available in a range of fourteen colours you can ensure your Mac in a Sac goes with whatever outfit you choose to wear! It's waterproof, windproof and breathable qualities will protect you from the elements so you're free to enjoy your day without the weather ruining it. With a concealable hood and adjustable drawcord you can customise your Mac in a Sac depending on the weather and your size. The Mac in a Sac Classic is also unisex so you can choose his and hers.

    alt="mac in a sac classic waterproof jacket"

    Mac in a Sac Full-Length Unisex Waterproof Travel Coat

    You'll get full coverage from the rain in this stylish, long length coat. Fully waterproof from top to bottom, this coat is perfect for those particularly nasty rainy days to ensure you can get on with your day as normal! Can also be packed away into its own stuff sac for when the sun decides to make an appearance. Flatteringly fitted with a detachable hood and belt so you can customize your look whatever way you want.

    Mac in a Sac Elle Women's Waterproof Packaway

    Retaining all of the waterproof, windproof and breathable features of the Classic Packaway, Elle comes in a range of cute polka dot patterns if the block colours of Classic aren't your thing! It still has all the practical protective features that the Classic packaway has but with an additional feminine twist.

    alt="Mac in a Sac Elle Women's Waterproof Packaway Jacket"

    Mac in a Sac Strata Jersey Lined Jacket

    Offering all the protective, rain proof qualities that the Classic has, this jacket is perfect for those particularly nippy, wintery days with an additional thermal Jersey lining to ensure you stay toasty. With breathable fabric, comfort cuffs and a packaway hood in the collar you can embrace the winter months without fear of feeling the chill in the air! With the option of packing it away into its own pocket, this jacket is really handy to throw into a handbag if you're in a rush. Like the Classic, the Strata jacket is also unisex.

    alt="Mac in a Sac Unisex Strata Jersey Lined Jacket"

     And Something For The Kids!

    Mac in a Sac Kids Packaway Raincoat

    Easily packed away into a compact sac, this raincoat can be kept in a school bag in case of rain showers at break time. Also perfect for school trips whenever the weather isn't in your favour. It is lightweight, breathable and waterproof with a concealed, adjustable hood.

    alt="Mac in a Sac Kids Packaway Raincoat"

     Target Dry Kids Little Nipper Rainsuit/Splash Suit

    This rainsuit/splash suit offers full length protection from the rain so that your little one doesn't need to hold back whenever there's a good looking puddle to splash in! Made from lightweight, waterproof material but sized so that it offers room for an extra layer underneath on the particularly chilly days.

    alt="Target Dry Kids Little Nipper Rainsuit/Splash Suit"

     Clothing Features Explained

    • Waterproof 5000mm: This is the measurement used to determine how resistant to water a particular fabric is. What defines "waterproof" is set by standards determined through a test that entails placing a long column on top of a garment sample and then filling the column with water successively until it leaks. 5000mm translates to 5 metres worth of water resistance on most of our products, for instance, the Mac in a Sac 2. The garment has to withhold at least 1500mm to be 100% waterproof.
    • Breathable 5000GSM: This tests the amount of water vapour (in grams) that pass through a 1 metre sq of fabric. Breathability is all about not allowing condensation to build up. This will, ultimately, keep you warmer.
    • Fully Taped Seams: The stitching in waterproof clothing is normally a weak point because the tiny holes from the stitches aren't of course waterproof. Heat-shrunk taping is used on stitched seams in order to eliminate any chance of leakage.
    • Concealed Hoods: Packaway jackets have their hood tucked under the collar meaning that it can be kept from getting in the way when it's too wet. It can also be adjusted with toggles.
    • Reversed Zip: Zips on our products are made from both plastic and nylon. Through improving the zip for Mac in a Sac 2 and making it a reversible zip, its surface is much more flush to the outer-fabric. This also improves windproofing.
    • 2 Way Zip: With 2 way zips the lower half of the zip can be unzipped whilst helpfully keeping the top section zipped. This proves useful for stepping into cars and also onto horses or bikes.
    • Packaway: Many of our items can be stored in their own supplied stuff sack which is compact enough to be stored in a bag or briefcase for when it isn't raining.
    • Adjustable Hem/Hood: Features can be adjusted easily using the elasticated cords and spring loaded toggles. This in turn will improve the fitting.

    How to Care for Waterproof Products

    Through wear, you may notice some of your Mac in a Sac's great rain resistance and breathability features are diminishing slightly as time goes on. This is an easily fixable issue meaning you can ensure your rain protection continues and you get your money's worth (and more) from your Mac in a Sac. The process involves washing your Mac in a Sac and (if needed) reproofing it also to restore its original rain resistance performance.

    Washing Your Mac in a Sac

    All Target Dry products are machine washable at 30 degrees, a delicate setting, if your washing machine provides this option. There are many different types of wash and re-proof products on the market, however, for your Mac in a Sac we recommend using NikWax Two-Stage treatment. This product can also be used on all sorts of outdoor equipment such as tents, awnings and rucksacks etc.

    1. Firstly, make sure to clean out the detergent dispenser of your washing machine as the chemicals in ordinary detergent can affect the features of your clothing through stripping down the waterproof coating which will make it more likely to produce leaks. Also make sure to do up any zips, buttons or Velcro tabs to avoid them getting caught in the washing machine.
    2. Washing too many items in the machine at once will impair the effectiveness of the wash. Limit it to two items at once and also ensure they are both waterproof items.
    3. Use three full caps (150ml) for medium/hard water or 2 full caps (100ml) for soft water.
    4. When wash completed, avoid scrunching or kneading your waterproof clothing as this is abrasive on the material.

    If you find that the fabric of your Mac in a Sac is absorbing water as opposed to repelling it then it may be time to do some reproofing. This isn't necessary after every time you wash it, simply if you notice that it may need it.

    Reproofing Your Mac in a Sac

    There is no need to wait for your items to dry after washing, you can get straight to reproofing! Reproofing products can come in wash in format or spray on format. NikWax Two Stage Treatment is a wash-in treatment.

    1. Being a wash-in treatment it is again necessary to ensure that you remove any detergent build up in your detergent dispenser.
    2. Use a max of two waterproof items in the washing machine.
    3. Use two full caps (100ml) of NikWax TX Wash-In per garment.
    4. Wash on 30 degrees
    5. When finished, leave to dry in an airing cupboard or on a washing line (weather permitting of course).

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  • Six Fun Things to Do With the Kids on a Rainy Day

    There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re trapped indoors with nothing to do when the weather outside is simply too bad to venture out. Add 3 restless kids to the equation and you could have a nightmare situation on your hands. But not to worry! We are here to help with our top six things to do indoors on a rainy day.

    Play an Imagination Game

    Here are a couple of games that are great fun for the kids and can be played anywhere as there are no props required:

    One-word story: Sit around in a circle and start off the game by saying, “Once upon a time,” then go around the room and have each person add a single word to the story. It’s a good idea to decide on a genre first like a fairy tale, ghost story, etc.

    Improvised poetry: Start off by saying a line of poetry. Something simple and easy to rhyme with like, “The cat sat on the mat”. The next person must then say a line that rhymes with it, and so on.

    Little Chefs

    It’s a great idea to get the kids involved in the kitchen on a rainy day. Keep the recipes simple so there is nothing too difficult or dangerous. Home-made pizzas or Rice Krispie cakes are simple, delicious and great fun to make. You can enjoy your food when it is ready by having an indoor picnic- you could even invite the teddies too.


    Organize Your Own Film Festival

    Queue up some classics, old (Mary Poppins?) and new (Frozen?) and have a marathon screening. Keep a cosy throw on hand, a big bowl of popcorn to dip into, and settle in to enjoy the show(s).

    Make You Own Instruments

    You would be surprised at what you can do with what’s lying around the house. Tissue boxes with elastic bands can make great guitars, a couple of paper plates with milk bottle tops make tambourines and some dried rice or pasta in bottles, tins or plastic containers make great maracas and shakers. You could even bang pan lids together for cymbals and cooking pots with wooden spoons for drums. Then it’s time to get practising for the bands big debut!

    Host a “Tea” Party

    Play dress up in fancy clothes, set the table with the “good” china, and put on your most formal manners (be sure to extend your little finger and sip politely). On the menu: tea (for you), juice (for the kids), and easy egg or chicken salad sandwiches cut into fun shapes, thanks to the cookie cutters lurking in your cupboard. The kids can decide the guest list, being careful to choose which of their favourite dolls or stuffed animals are on it.


    Have an Indoor Treasure Hunt

    Play an indoor treasure hunt to keep the day lively. The kids will need to work as a team to uncover the treasure. Make a set of clues for the players to try and solve (try rhyming the clues for fun or writing riddles). Each clue will lead to the next one and then finally, to the treasure. Seal the clues in envelopes marked with a number like ‘2/7’, or “Two of Seven”). This will help the treasure hunters to keep track. The treasure can be anything you like such as a small toy (or a few depending on how many players are in the team), cinema tickets, maybe a stash of coins (regular or chocolate), or some sweets.

    *OR if all else fails, you can always get the Kids' Mac in a Sacs on and head out in the rain anyway! The choice is yours!

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  • New colours in our Mac in a Sac Strata!

    August has just begun and some of our brand new Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection is starting to arrive with us already! This season, we are introducing two brand new colours in our thermal lined packaway Mac in a Sac Strata. Nautical Blue with a contrasting red zip and Acid Lime with an equally striking blue zip are our fresh new colours for the coming winter season.

    Both of these new colours are available to pre-order now. We are expecting them to arrive with us on the 16th August- not long to wait! Be sure to get your order placed soon to avoid any disappointment.

    We will do a full product review on the features of the Mac in a Sac Strata when the new colours come in, so stay tuned! 

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