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  • Outdoor Gift Ideas Roundup

    When it comes to gift ideas for Christmas, you can be forgiven for getting a little overwhelmed at the choice available. The outdoor-lover in your household is a tricky one to buy for... 

    We've taken the  hard work out of it for you with this handy compilation of gift ideas, sourced from the world's best outdoor gear blogs. To see more ideas from each of these sites, just click on the image.

    We also compiled a handy Pinterest board as a little bonus too, so be sure to check that out.

    1. GSI Personal Java Press - Via Gear Patrol

    This two part coffee press won't take up too much space in your bag. Or stocking?
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    2. Telepen - Via Gearweare

    Super-handy little pen that's bound to come in handy.
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    3. Climate Changer™ Dog Fleece - Via The GearCaster

    Kit out your dog this christmas with a layer of warm fleece!
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    4. Oru Folding Kayak - Via Gear Patrol

    Stores in a backpack? Amazing.
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    5. Polar Bottle Ergo - Via Gear Guide

    Keeps your drinking fluids chilled. No need to put any more plastic bottles in landfill either.
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    6. The Wave Cave - Via Gear Patrol

    Aside from the awesome name of this product, its very clever too. A tent that stores into a surf bag - this works for our next roadtrip.
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    7. Tickcard - Via Gearweare

    Designed for use on animals and humans, this credit-card tick removal could prevent Lyme Disease...
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    8. Poc Fornix Helmet - Via The Gear Caster

    With a background in mountain biking, POC have have put together this rather tasty looking and lightweight (420g) snow helmet. 
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    9. Heart Part - Via Cool Hunting


    Spotted earlier in the year, this biodegradable eating utensil is perfect for camping. Comes in a pack of 10.
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    10. Victorinox Sneakers Knife (we found this one)

    The classic Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. Now in this limited edition version!

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  • How to Pack a "Mac in a Sac" into its Bag

    Ever wondered how our Mac in a Sac Jackets get back into that little sac?

    Here's a handy video and step by step guide to make it easy!

    1. Place the jacket zip down on a table
    2. Fold the arms in, so they make an 'x' shape
    3. Fold the jacket vertically, to create a long strip of material
    4. Taking hold of the collar, fold once horizontally
    5. Roll up the jacket, starting from the collar.
    6. Slide into the sac, twisting the rolled jacket as you go.

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  • Welcome to Mac in a Sac!

    A very big hello from the Mac in a Sac team! We're really happy with our new site, and we're looking forward to your feedback and comments. The new site not only looks amazing, but it performs really well. It loads quickly, is clutter-free, and focuses on our strengths - great products and happy customers.

    Here's a brief overview of what we've put together:

    • Mac in a Sac products only
    • Clear navigation options
    • Quick & easy checkout, with the option of Paypal
    • Transparency - It's easy to see our customer reviews
    • Detailed product images with zoom

    Tags: New Site

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