Nikwax Tech Wash & TX Direct 2x 100ml Reproof Twin Pack




Nikwax TX Direct and Reproof twin pack is an all in one solution to restoring the waterproofness and breathability of your outdoor jackets and overtrousers. 

Tech Wash is a mild detergent, approved for use on all waterproof clothing including GoreTex® and Event® membranes. It safely lifts dirt from the surface of the garment, without damaging the waterproofing and seam seals. 

To restore the water repellent finish that comes with waterproof clothing from new, follow up every use of Tech Wash with another wash, using TX Direct. This will coat the surface of your garment with a water repellent finish, allowing water to bead off. To activate the coating, simply place the item(s) in a warm (not hot) tumble dry.

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  • 2 x 100ml Twin Pack
  • Hand or Machine Wash
  • Approved for use on Target Dry products
  • Recommended by Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Why do I need to Reproof my Gear?