Top 6 Best Things About Camping

best things about camping

In our technology driven world, the need for an escape from it all has become something we yearn for. The rejuvenating qualities of the outdoors seem much more appealing whenever we've spent our day staring at a screen. And whenever we finally do get out we realise how much we've taken what was at our very doorstep for granted. Whether you're a real outdoor enthusiast or only occasionally venture out to connect with the outdoors, camping is an activity that everyone can get into. It's the perfect way to do something a bit different but that's still extremely accessible. Just to get you into the mood to crack out your tent, we've compiled a list of the top five best things about camping.

1. Fresh Air

It’s surprising just how refreshing a breath of fresh air can be. After spending the day in a stuffy office or a couple of hours in a packed gym, getting a bit of fresh air in your lungs feels wonderful. Camping means surrounding yourself with a constant stream of fresh air.

2. The Views

It’s easy to forget just how calming surrounding ourselves with greenery can be. Maybe it’s the sound of a light breeze rustling through the trees or the smell of freshly cut grass, there's just something about being amid nature that's rejuvenating and good for the soul.

3. The Sound of Birds in the Morning

No one likes getting woken up, but being gently awoken by birds chirping contentedly in the trees above you is truly magical. Let birdsongs stir you out of your sleep and inspire you to get out exploring.

4.  Barbeques

Perhaps it's the fresh air going to our heads but what is it about barbeques that makes it feel like it's completely fine to consume an obscene amount of burgers? When you're camping you can make every meal a barbeque, weather permitting of course. You might never want to return to normal meals again.

5. Stargazing

Let's be honest, when was the last time you really looked up at the stars? Lying on the grass in your back garden just doesn't hold the same kind of appeal as when you properly immerse yourself in nature. The stars seem so much brighter and expansive when you're in the great outdoors and really take the time to notice them.

6. Ghost Stories

When darkness falls, and you’re seated around the campfire, everyone knows that it’s the perfect time to tell ghost stories. Away from home and your own bed who know what you'll hear creep in the dead of the night...

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