Best Places to Travel for Last-Minute Getaways

Last minute getaways can be a great way to save money on a trip, or just enjoy a bit of spontaneity. Whatever the time of year, an impulsive trip can be a great change of scenery. For last minute trips, you might want to avoid the more popular destinations, as these could already be booked up. Instead, why not consider one of these exciting holiday destinations for a last minute trip with a difference? Here are some great travel ideas for city breaks in Europe this year...

Lisbon, Portugal

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Cobbled streets, colourful tramways, and those incredible custard tarts – it's a wonder that Portugal's capital still remains relatively unsung in terms of European travel. Throw in cheap wine, plenty of street performers, and the infamous graffiti grannies of Lata65 and you have one of the coolest last minute getaways in the continent.

Stockholm, Sweden

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Speaking of cool, there's also the capital of Sweden. Stockholm is a city of stylish boutiques, vintage clothing stores, and hipster cafés. It's also a seriously green city, not just in terms of green spaces but also environmentally speaking; in fact the water in the rivers is so clean you can drink it!

Rotterdam, Netherlands

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While Amsterdam takes all the fame as the 'must visit' destination in The Netherlands, I find the rest of the country far more fascinating. Particularly Rotterdam, a surprisingly cool river-side city that has loads to offer. Rotterdam is known for it's futuristic architecture, but I love it for it's innovative and at times bizarre attractions, from the famous Cube Houses to the lesser known floating bath tours of the canal with Hot Tug.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Ljubljana, Slovenia's quirky and very pretty capital city, is fast becoming Europe's hottest new must-visit destination. Heaps of festivals, open air theatres, a street food market and street art galore - this is another super cool city that makes a brilliant last minute getaway.

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