Mac in a sac. Cag in a bag. Jacket in a Packet. Coat in a tote?

It’s a handy, waterproof, packaway jacket.  But what do you call it? The answer to this question can yield a wide variety of answers!  Listening to our customer feedback and reviews it has been referred to as Pac a Mac or Cag in a Bag, and even Jacket in a Packet and a Coat in a Tote! You are an inventive bunch :-)

With so many different names, we thought we’d give you a brief breakdown of a few different types of rain jackets. 

Mackintosh Raincoat

The Mackintosh or raincoat can trace its roots back to 1823 when Mr. Charles Mackintosh patented the first ‘waterproof fabric’, and started selling this form of raincoats the very next year.  Essentially the Mackintosh was a rubberised or rubber-laminated coat, and despite having early setbacks like smelling bad, stiffness and melting in hot weather, went on to spread all over the UK.

Anorak Parka

The terms Anorak and Parka are perhaps used interchangably, but strickly speaking an Anorak is a waterproof, hooded, pull-over jacket without a front-opening. We have the Caribou Inuit to thank for its invention, and they were originally made from Seal Skin, as recently resurrected by Bear Grylls in this Discover Channel Episode of Man Vs Wild Seal Skin Wetsuit!


The Cagoule itself has a variety of spellings including cagoule, cagoul, kagoule or kagool.  This term refers to a lightweight, weatherproof and hooded raincoat.  Variants generally include a packaway version with a ½ zip.

Packaway Mac

As raincoats have been improved and developed, the lightweight breathable fabrics have allowed for the products to become increasingly versatile.  A small lightweight waterproof packable jacket sounds like a great idea! As our customer feedback shows, these types of products have been referred to as Pac a Mac, Cag in a Bag or even a Mac in a Bag.

The versatility of these products have meant that they are very well travelled!  Our Customers have told us that they have been used everywhere from the Inca Trail Walk to Disney Land Florida to, well, Bus Stops and Train Spotting!  

Best Performing Packaway in its Class - Mac in a Sac

Whether you call it an anorak, mackintosh or cagoule, or perhaps a Pac a Mac, Cag in a Bag or Mac in a Bag - We know that if you have a Mac in a Sac, you have the Best Performing Packaway in its Class.  We offer a lightweight, waterproof, breathable and packaway range of products.  We’ve tested our Mac in a Sac range to 5000mm for waterproofing, and 5000gsm for breathability, and offer a great range of colours to suit everyone!  


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