4 Ways Your Mac in a Sac Comes in Handy

4 ways your Mac in a Sac comes in handy

Wondering whether a Mac in a Sac jacket is right for you? Our high performance, compact jackets really “pac” a punch when it comes to weather protection and there’s lots of every day scenarios where our jackets can come in handy for you.


1. Fits perfectly in schoolbags

If you’re getting your little one all set for a school trip you’ll most likely be concerned about whether or not the weather will stay dry.

Our Mac in a Sac Mini range pack away neatly into a compact stuff bag so there’s no need to try and cram a heavy coat into their schoolbag. They’ll have easily accessible super waterproof compact cover up for if and when surprise showers strike.

You can keep your mind at ease and your little one won’t get soaked.


2. No bag? No problem!

Maybe you’re heading to an outdoor concert or just out on a leisurely walk and don’t want to be weighed down by a handbag or backpack.

Our handy stuff bags come with elastic adjustable cords which are super easily tied around your belt or belt loop on your jeans so you can keep your hands free and minimise the need to a handbag or backpack.


3. Doesn’t weight you down

Our jackets are super lightweight making them perfect for a multitude of activities such as running, hiking and cycling.

However, packed away in its stuff sack your Mac in a Sac won’t add a lot of weight.

So whether you have on multiple layers out and about on a wintery day or a light shirt on a warm day, your versatile Mac in a Sac will provide you with the waterproof protection you need when from impending downpours.


4. Carrying wet coats & umbrellas becomes a thing of the past

Whenever the weather’s temperamental, sunny one minute raining the next, adjusting our attire to these changes can be a bit of a nightmare resulting in inevitable wardrobe malfunctions and the wish to shun ourselves inside for good.

Easily transported, easily worn and easily packed away, a Mac in a Sac jacket eliminates the unpleasantness of having to carry around a thoroughly rain soaked coat or dripping umbrella when the clouds part and the sun makes another appearance.

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