5 Reasons to Explore Your Home Country

5 Reasons to Travel in your Own Country More

Are you constantly researching your next trip away and dreaming of exotic lands?

If your impatience is getting the better of you and you just cannot wait for your next trip, it's time to add a bit of travel into your schedule on a more regular basis... by exploring what's on your doorstep!

Staycations haven't become popular for nothing; many are realising they don't need to travel far to find a relaxing haven.

Read on for our reasons to embrace what your country has to offer.


1. You'll be pleasantly surprised

There is no denying the allure of far away places. Getting to experience different cultures and ways of life, trying new foods and drinks, and seeing remarkable sights... what's not to love?

Yet there's probably a great deal in your own home land that you will be pleasantly surprised by. The neighbourly feel of a small, rural village just an hour away or the cute town filled with boutique shops and cafes you've never heard of. Don't write off your home land as having nothing new for you to see.

The key is to get into the frame of mind of a tourist, how they would view your country and what they would get excited by. Why not get started by visiting your nearest tourist information office?

Who knows, you might find a few pleasantly surprising tourist hotspots in your country and develop a new-found love for the place!


2. You can cover a lot of ground on weekends off

Removing the hassle of actually getting to another country, all you have to do is plan your weekend out and you're ready to hop into the car/bus/train and off you go.

Chances are you'll already be semi-familiar with the whereabouts of the area you're travelling to so the fear of getting lost in a strange land is taken out of the equation.


3. No airport hassle

Let's be honest, airports are just a necessary evil of travel and most of the time feel like drawn out hassle more than anything else.

Not having to bend your plans around flight times and arriving to airports plenty of time in advance can be pretty liberating and opens up hours more fun!


4. It's easier to bring friends along

Have you been dying to organise a trip away with friends but it has just been too difficult to organise?

With conflicting work schedules and other commitments, organising a trip with friends can feel like a mammoth, stress-filled task. However, if you're exploring close to home you might finally be able to get that trip away organised with less stress, more freedom and zero hassle!


5. You'll feel those holiday vibes

It's amazing how a bit of free time, fresh air and great sights to take in can kindle those delightful holiday vibes.

You could be having a quiet coffee in a cute cafe or a run through a new nature spot you've discovered and suddenly realise how much you're enjoying yourself in a beautiful environment.

Because, isn't it that one of the most important benefits of travelling?


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