Time to hit the ‘reset’ button

Last night I had the most amazing workout. Ever.

I have been feeling a bit pressured with life recently so I am aware I need to make some peaceful time for myself to 'reset'. But I have also been feeling like I want to have bundles of energy to train hard and get through that massive To Do List. So, a bit muddled up lately. Do you ever get like that? Feel like you're spinning in circles and not getting anywhere fast?

For a while I've been craving a big workout with my beloved sandbags, and because it was such a beautiful evening I grabbed them and headed for the coast. I was definitely not disappointed.

The environment and pace of life of the great outdoors simply lent itself to the most perfect combination for a calm, but strong workout. I trained my body well, while also managing to calm my anxiety, decrease the stress levels, and gain some clarity again. I didn't leave feeling 'pumped' or buzzing full of high energy endorphins. I felt strong and content. A wonderful feeling.

I put together three different workout routines, which I really enjoyed, and the scenery...well, you can see for yourself! It certainly did the trick. The environment definitely contributed to me feeling totally energized, revitalized, strong and de-stressed. Amazing. And it's moments like this that reiterate why I am so passionate, through Tribal Fitness, to provide other women with the support to engage in similar outdoor training opportunities. The benefits really are endless.

Grab your trainers, fitness gear and of course a waterproof jacket and head outdoors. Whether it's for a run, jog or a power walk, you will feel calm, renewed and ready for what life may throw at you. 

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