5 Reasons Why Your Dog is the Best Adventure Companion

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It has long been said that dog is man's best friend and we think that this extends beyond enthusiastic tail wagging when you get home from work and evening cuddles on the sofa. Yep, we think that your furry friend is potentially the best companion for your outdoor adventures - whether that's walking, runny or simply a bit of exploring outdoors. So, if the friendship with your jogging partner has run its course, so to speak, read on for some reasons why you needn't look further than your own home for an outdoors buddy.

1. Stamnia

It can be pretty frustrating getting into the zone and building up a bit of speed when running only to realise you're leaving your companion in the dust. Or alternatively, if they're leaving you behind it can be equally if not more frustrating. So, if either of these dilemmas sound familiar, it might be time to get the leash out. Your dog might have four legs but he/she will be more than okay with keeping to your running speed, meaning lagging behind or getting ahead will be an issue no more. And you'll be able to make your runs/walks as long or as short as you like, there'll be no judgement or complaint from your eager pal. Just remember to fill his/her bowl with plenty of fresh water when you return home!

2. Enthusiasm

Negative vibes from your running companion getting you down? You can swap the sighing and complaints of your human companion for the boundless enthusiasm of your cute canine. Whenever returning home from work is the highlight of your pets' day, you can be sure they'll have nothing but energy for joining you on a walk or run.

3. Good company

If you're having a bad day and need to clear your head, getting our into the fresh air with a buddy who'll provide you with some silent company is sometimes the best thing for it.

4. Loyalty

Your furry friend certainly won't text you at the last minute to tell you they can't actually meet you in the park for a walk after all. Or be inexcusably late either! You can always rely on them to be in a good mood with you. As if we needed any more proof that dogs are better than humans.

5. Ready For All Terrains & Weather

Whether you're hitting the beach, exploring a forest park or strolling through country lanes, your four legged friend is ready to tackle all terrains with ease and enthusiasm. Constantly inquisitive by nature, you couldn't have a better companion for exploring the great outdoors with! He/she has a furry coat for protection from the elements, make sure you're protected too with a handy waterproof packaway Mac in a Sac.