How to Make your Time Outdoors More Enjoyable

how to make your time outdoors more enjoyable

Whether spending time in nature is a new hobby for you, or whether you are a nature junkie, there are a few simple things that you can do to make your time outdoors more enjoyable.


1. Bring Water

It seems an obvious thing to say as we all know we should keep hydrated when we go on a walk, however many people forget to bring water with them. Perhaps you intended to set off for a quick dander but that pleasant walk can often turn in to a long exploration and therefore it’s important to have water to hand. There is nothing worse than feeling the effects of dehydration, and this can certainly ruin a very pleasant walk. So don’t get caught out!


2. Forget social media

We all love to share with our family and friends what we are getting up to and take pleasure in showing them the wonderful places and breath-taking views that we are lucky enough to encounter, however sometimes we can lose focus. Sometimes we may find ourselves documenting our time in nature for others who aren’t with us. Now and again it can be a good idea just to keep your phone in your pocket, forget about updating the rest of the world about that beautiful autumn tree or the roaring sea – they probably don’t appreciate it as much as you do anyway – so take a breath and just enjoy it for yourself. Embrace the moment for what it is. Your friends and family will experience their own connections with nature in their own time.


3. Bring layers

As we are all too familiar in Northern Ireland, the weather can change quite quickly and it’s not unusual to experience all four seasons in one day. Therefore it’s worth bringing an extra couple of layers and a pair of gloves, especially if you are heading outdoors on an evening time at the moment as those cooler nights are certainly on the way. You will be grateful for the extra warmth and comfort if you want to stretch out that time in nature by just (another!) ten minutes.


4. Close your eyes

Undoubtedly it’s fantastic to watch the beauty of the great outdoors and let it hypnotise and mesmerize you, but now and again take some time to sit, or even better lie down, and close your eyes. Let the natural surroundings become more alive for you and let it wake up all your other senses. This can truly make your time in the great outdoors much more rich and rewarding.


5. Smile

Just as kindness breeds kindness, happiness is contagious. Even to yourself. So be mindful of your inner and outer feelings and appearance as you set off outdoors, and start your adventure with a broad smile on your face, and keep it there. You will be amazed at how much more relaxed and enjoyable your find your time exploring the world around you.

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