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  • An Interview with Our New Guest Blogger David Mellor from Potty Adventures

    Mac in a Sac Guest Blogger Potty Adventures

    We're really excited to have David Mellor, blogger at Potty Adventures, on board as our new monthly guest blogger on the Mac in a Sac blog.

    Father of two, teacher and blogger, David has a penchant for adventure and the great outdoors. He'll be bringing you tips for your next adventure, outdoor ideas to fill your weekends with and practical advice for traversing the great outdoors.

    We caught up with David to find out a bit more about him ahead of his guest first post on the Mac in a Sac blog...


    Tell us a little bit about yourself

    "I'm David a 37 year old married dad of two. My wife (Nat) and I are school yard sweethearts who've been together a very long time! We have two amazing kids Jesse, aged 3 and Amelie, aged 1.

    I'm an English teacher by profession, spending my 9-5 in a classroom. However, because of my passion for the outdoors I also spend a lot of time working with kids outside of the classroom. I've led Duke of Edinburgh Award programmes and expeditions and assist in the yearly running of the school ski trip. I've even led 32 teenagers on a 4 week expedition to Tanzania where we climbed Mount Kilimanjaro amongst other things." 


    How do you balance being a father, teacher and blogger?

    Mac in a Sac Guest Blogger Potty Adventures

    "Balancing being a dad, a teacher and a blogger is tough. At the end of the day my own kids and family will always come first. Once my working day is over they have my attention until it's time for their bed. They can be exhausting...I don't know where such little people get the energy reserves from! 

    Overall I just have to be good at organising myself. I work really hard in the week, often through my lunch hour, to make sure that, as far as possible, my evenings and weekends are mine. In terms of the blogging I have set days for writing once the kids have gone to bed. This ensures that i still get to spend most evening with Nat too. This routine and sense of order and priority really helps to focus."


    You have a pretty busy schedule by the sounds of things. What tips would you have for fitting in that all-important time outdoors?

    "Being so busy, particularly during the week, makes our weekend adventures all the sweeter. We pretty much epitomise the 'whatever the weather' spirit so we'll be out as family no matter what. We invest a lot of our time making sure we've got the best kit to keep ourselves and our kids warm and dry so there really is no excuse not to go outside. As such, a top tip would be to prepare yourself to go out in any weather. You'd be surprised how much family fun you can have in the pouring rain!  

    Another tip is to have a go-to list of mini adventures. Mini adventures require little or no planning and take up far less time than full days in the mountains etc. This means that when time is tight, like it is for us in the middle of the week, we can still get a little outdoor fix. To make life even easier keep a prepped and packed rucksack at home that's ready to go as soon as you are."


    "I'd say my current favourite outdoor activities are hiking and camping because they enable us to do them as a family. I love the sense of freedom that both of them give us."


    Describe your perfect day off

    "My perfect day off would be a day in the mountains of Snowdonia with Nat and the Kids. We'd begin walking just before first light, reach some higher ground for the sunrise, bag a summit or two, and then sit and have lunch surrounded by awesome views." 

    Mac in a Sac Guest Blogger Interview


    What is your favourite outdoors activity?

    "I'd say my current favourite outdoor activities are hiking and camping because they enable us to do them as a family. I love the sense of freedom that both of them give us.  Despite their very young age I also love teaching my two kids basic outdoor skills when we're hiking or camping.  After all, I was just a nipper when my mum first took me along to her hiking club, so you're never too young to enjoy the outdoors.

    Before kids I'd always be out blasting around trails and downhill courses on my mountain bike but that has definitely taken a back seat for now. I still enjoy riding, but will probably go back to it more seriously when the kids are a little older and can chase me (or the other way round!). 

    In the winter months I also love to ski and our eldest began having ski lessons just 2 weeks after his 3rd birthday. I'm just a little worried he'll be better than me before long!"


    Tell me a bit about the Hiking With Kids Club

    Potty Adventures Mac in a Sac Guest Blogger

    "When I started the blog one of the things I wanted to do was to use the qualifications and experience I'd developed over many years leading school groups in the outdoors to encourage more families to get outside. Consequently I started the Hiking with Kids Club. Now, once a month, I organise a family friendly hike and publicise it via the blog's Facebook page. We welcome all people, not just those with kids, and we've had some really great days out. Each month we hike somewhere different so that the group get a lot of variety and always choose somewhere that has a cafe stop near the end. As such not only is it a great opportunity to get kids outdoors it's also a great social event for like-minded adults." 

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  • Monthly Round Up - February

    Welcome to the February edition of your monthly round up from HQ! Keeping you in the loop with what's happening throughout the company.

    Winter is finally on its last legs and we are setting our sights (and hopes) towards sunnier times! There's plenty to look forward to besides a bit more sunshine (hopefully!) and chocolate eggs!

    For instance... we've been kept super busy with the upcoming launch of our new brand Lighthouse (psst... It's happening next month). It's been a really exciting time in the company and we can't wait for the official launch!

    If you're feeling intrigued (you should be!) sign up now to gain early access to Lighthouse...

    Lighthouse will be launching just in time to get you kitted out for the Spring/Summer 2016 season but we're also way ahead of the game - Our Autumn/Winter 2016 shoot happened this month. Here's a couple of exciting behind the scenes sneak peeks of what's to come in our Autumn/Winter 2016 range...

    alt="lighthouse clothing aw2016 ladieswear"

    alt="lighthouse clothing aw2016 menswear"

    alt="lighthouse clothing"

     alt="lighthouse clothing aw2016 range"

    And as if that wasn’t far enough in advance, our designers have also been working tirelessly on the Spring/Summer 2017 range too!

    That's just the tip of the ice-berg. We're launching the new and improved Mac in a Sac website next month with our brand new, exciting Mac in a Sac range.

    In the meantime... Our Mac in a Sac clearance sale kicked off last week and we have big reductions (up to 35%) off some of our bestselling, most popular products... but snap yourself up a bargain asap as the stock is limited!

    And finally, last but not least, we have a new item on its way for Spring/Summer 2016 in the Xtreme Series Range  - Kinetic. Kinetic is a highly waterproof and breathable rainjacket. Its specialised, practical features will have you ready to tackle April showers and beyond with ease.

    Keep up to date with all our exciting developments as they happen on our social media channels! We also love to see photos of our customers out and about in our products, so tweet us your photos!


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    Mac in a Sac

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  • Why Walking Is Good For You

    If you’re not exactly a gym bunny, the thought of regular exercise might cause you to break out into a cold sweat or bring out the most creative and elaborate excuses. 

    For many, it’s the thought of being judged by other gym-goers or the fear of looking incredibly unfit and out of shape. It could also be the boredom factor. Running on a treadmill doesn’t exactly stimulate the senses. 

    Walking is arguably the easiest and most enjoyable form of exercise. You can get out and about, take in the scenery, breathe in the fresh air whilst knowing that you are doing the body the world of good. We run through a few of the top benefits of enjoying a brisk walk every now and again.

    It helps with weight loss

    A fast 30 minute walk will help you burn 150 calories, which is roughly the equivalent of one thin slice of pizza or 10 tortilla chips. A good walk will increase muscle mass and tone, which will in turn speed up your metabolism. 

    It reduces lethargy and increase energy levels

    Ever suffer from an afternoon slump? A quick walk will help to increase oxygen supply to every cell in the body. Make sure to get out at lunchtime so you feel refreshed and awake.

    It helps you sleep better

    Oregon State University stated that ’30 minutes of brisk walking over five days could help you sleep more easily’. The study showed that the participants slept better and felt more alert during the day.

    If you’re prone to spending an hour on your phone every evening, go for a quick walk a couple of hours before bedtime and set your phone on the other side of the room. You don’t want to undo the benefits of your evening stroll!

    Improve your mood and feel happy

    Being active releases endorphins, which helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Whilst a walk is not high intensity or a fat burning exercise, it does help to improve your mood and certainly the social aspect helps to make it much more enjoyable. 

    Check out your local or national walking clubs and get social to increase your motivation and improve your mental wellbeing. In Northern Ireland, there are several walking festivals or events that you can take part in. The Ramblers also have a finder tool so you can view details on your nearest walking club across the UK and Ireland.

    Improve your general health

    Getting outdoors not only improves your fitness, it can also help with your general health. Vitamin D is hard to get from food sources, but it can be generated from natural sunlight. Getting plenty of Vitamin D is vital for your bone health and immunity.

    Walking also helps to lower your blood pressure and it can improve memory (by boosting cognitive performance) and enhance creativity in the young. This has all been proven through experimental studies from University institutions and health clinics. Walking genuinely is the best solution for improving your fitness, energy levels and your mental wellbeing.

    Don't let the unpredictable British and Irish weather spoil your walking sessions, a packaway Mac in a Sac jacket is the perfect way to keep dry while staying fit. 


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  • Mac in a Sac - Now Offering Free Shipping to US Customers

    Our Mac in a Sac range of waterproof packaway jackets and over-trousers, are retailed in many UK stores and distributed into many countries around Europe, Asia & South America.  

    UK based customers buying direct from our website have enjoyed free shipping since our since launch late in 2012.  And today, we are pleased to announce that we can now offer FREE SHIPPING to customers from USA!

    We understand that delivery costs can sometimes be an impediment when buying online, so we have worked hard to leverage the platform to move stock to a distribution centre in the US.  This allows us to fulfil orders from the USA quickly and easily, and offers the customer FREE Shipping. So its a WIN-WIN :)

    You can view our range of products on our Storefront

    We have the following products available:


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  • The Mac in a Sac Neon: It’s here

    Back in July we posted a sneak preview of our ‘new for Spring/Summer 2015’ Mac in a Sac Neon (find the blog post here). We are excited to announce that we have had an early introductory shipment of it and it is now available to buy from our online store!

    It would make a perfect Christmas present if you know anyone who is a keen runner, loves getting out and about in the dark evenings or just generally loves the neon trend! Be sure not to wait too long to order though- we only have a limited amount of stock and we won’t be expecting a new shipment until early February! Get yours now and be one step ahead of the crowd!

    Available in four vibrant shades of neon; yellow, pink, green and blue, there is something to suit everyone.

    Here’s why it’s awesome:

    • It’s seriously waterproof with a rating of 5,000mm
    • It has an equally impressive breathability rating of 5,000gsm [find out more]
    • Windproof- no chilly winter breezes getting through this jacket!
    • Fully Taped Seams reinforce the high waterproof rating by protecting the seams against leaks
    • Packs into its own little neon sack
    • It has a concealed, adjustable hood that can be packed away when it’s not needed.
    • Reversed front zip and zipped front pockets keep all your valuable safe while you’re on the go
    • A generous back vent helps make this jacket’s breathability even better
    • Reversed contrast zips add an extra colour pop to brighten a rainy day
    • Elasticated comfort cuffs keep the sleeve tight to your wrist to keep water out.
    • An adjustable drawcord at the curved hem helps to cut drafts
    • Reflective branding and piping adds to the already high visibility of the jacket
    • It is designed for a unisex fit
    • It packs up small- at just 220mm in height and 95mm in width, it’s perfect for throwing in your backpack.
    • It only weighs 300g! You won’t even know it’s there
    • We even have an amazing 2 year guarantee on these jackets to protect against manufacturing faults!

    So if you want to brighten these dark nights with a Mac in a Sac Neon, you'd better be quick! But don't worry, if your size and colour preference is sold out, we will have more in February. We hope you like them as much as we do.


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  • Mac in a Sac on Tour in Micky Flanagan's Detour de France!

    For his first-ever TV documentary, comedy favourite Micky Flanagan has left behind the comforts of his home in South London to explore the sights and sounds of France, jumping on a bike to put his own spin on the route taken by the Tour de France. A TV show about an amateur cyclist comedian attempting to take on one of the most gruelling tests of endurance in the world? What's not to like? Naturally, we couldn't resist giving it a watch.

    Tuning into the series finale on Monday night, we were delighted to see that one of our Mac in a Sac 2 Packaway Jackets was accompanying him on his journey! Check out the circled jacket hanging casually on the back of the parisian chair opposite him in the still below! Perhaps hanging out to dry in the sun after it had protected him from a downpour...

    We're always keeping an eye out for our products making little guest appearances on TV and we were especially pleased to see one of our jackets featured in such a fitting programme.

    Our Mac in a Sac 2 Packaway Jacket is the perfect cover up for cyclists who are on the go through all types of weather. Here's why...

    • It's highly waterproof (with a resistance of 5,000mm), highly breathable (5,000gsm) & windproof.
    • It has fully taped seams, so no leaks!
    • It features a concealed, adjustable hood for when the weather turns really nasty.
    • Zipped front pockets will make sure you don't loose any of your belongings.
    • As if the 5,000gsm breathability rating wasn't good enough, we've even added a generous back vent to keep you even cooler.
    • An adjustable drawcord at the hem ensures the jacket is watertight.
    • Weighing a mere 281g, it's perfect for chucking in your backpack. You won't even know it's there!
    • Small and compact, it only measures 200mm by 82mm packed away!
    • It even comes with a 2 Year Guarantee just in case anything goes wrong with it. You. Are. Welcome...

    So next time you're heading out on your bike, take a leaf out of Micky's book and make sure you are prepared for all Mother Nature has to throw at you; take a Mac in a Sac!

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