Top Spring City Breaks

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Satisfy your wanderlust with our pick of the top city breaks for this Spring!

Edinburgh, Scotland

If you're a big fan of sightseeing then Edinburgh is the city break for you, the picturesque Scottish capital is very easy on the eyes. It is also, most certainly, a city with stories to tell. Edinburgh's rich history is ingrained in the Gothic architecture which drapes the city in its intriguing past. Take a stroll down the Royal Mile for a step back into the Victorian era. The magnificent St. Giles Cathedral makes for a sightseeing delight by day but will strike you with fear when darkness descends. If you happen to be a horror buff then Edinburgh is without a doubt the city for you. Edinburgh has ghost stories aplenty to satisfy your dark side, The Royal Mile being an absolute hotspot for ghost tours. If horror isn't your thing however, have a taste of refinement with afternoon tea – you will find this is on offer in abundance in various eateries throughout the city. Afterwards, take a walk down Princes Street for a bit of window shopping... The view of the foreboding Edinburgh castle, nestled in the breezy hills opposite, will probably provide sufficient distraction however. You definitely will not be short on activities or sights to see in Edinburgh.

Florence, Italy

Hailed as birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence is a city you can get your fill of culture within. From the San Marco museum to the Duamo, although Florence is relatively small you won’t be short of things to do. Watch the sun set over the Arno from the medieval Ponte Vecchio bridge, browse the nearby market stalls and grab a bite of some fantastic Italian cuisine from the multitude of surrounding restaurants. Fancy heading further afield outside the hustle and bustle of the city? The Tuscan hills are within close distance meaning you can incorporate both city and breath-taking countryside all into one sun-filled trip.

Prague, Czech Republic

Cobbled lanes, lots of hidden nooks and spire topped architecture aplenty, Prague is a great city to simply lose yourself within and see what you find. Essential sightseeing includes the Charles Bridge, filled with unique, intricate statues. As a bonus you’ll also have a great view of the city from the bridge. The astronomical clock in Old Town is definitely worth checking out too. If you decide to go for a spot of shopping you will find that many shops are filled with dolls and puppets, some cute, some... not so cute. Some are downright harrowing. Definitely not for the faint-hearted. Luckily, Prague's beer has been described as some of the best in Europe, so never fear if you need a pint to steady your nerves!

Munich, Germany

Munich in the Spring/Summer has beautiful, sunny weather that’s perfect for exploring what the German city has to offer. First to tick off however is the Marienplatz, the main public square and a hotspot for tourists. Arrive for 11am and you’ll get to see the mechanical clock chime. Afterwards, make sure to head over to the nearby English Gardens to escape the hustle and bustle for a while. You can even get lunch in this large picturesque park as there are markets and restaurants spread throughout.