Summer Workout Kit Essentials

Although the weather lately has been a bit of washout, there’s still time to enjoy the ‘warmish’ temperatures and get a bit of a workout fitted in to your routine.

Whether you’re heading to the gym or getting out and about, here’s a list of the essentials that you will want to bring with you to ensure that you maxmise your workout session.

Filter water bottle – It stands to reason that if you’re working out, you need to stay hydrated. Brita make great filter water bottles so you can sip on clean filtered water whilst you go for a run or hop on the treadmill. 

Face wipes – With all the sweat that your body produces during a fitness session, you will need to keep a couple of face wipes handy. Not only will they feel refreshing and soothing against your overheated skin, they will also clean away the sweat, oil and grime to help prevent breakouts.

Deodorant – We’re not talking your standard roll-on. Make sure to stock up on the 24-48 hour deodorants, that will keep you feeling fresh from your morning workout right through until the evening. Look for one that’s both long lasting and nourishing for your skin. After a tough fitness session, your skin will be dehydrated and warm, a nourishing deodorant will help to cool and hydrate your skin.

Suncreen – Even on an overcast day, you are still at danger of the sun’s rays damaging your skin. If you’re going on a power walk or a run, make sure that you lather on sunscreen to protect any exposed skin.

Glucose tablets – You can buy tablets that dissolve in water, but when you’re out and about, it might be a lot easier to take gluco chewable tablets. They help to give your body a bit of a glucose boost so you can keep going for longer.

Energy bar - A post-workout snack is great for giving your body a much needed hit of nutrition. Opt for a healthy, fruit-filled energy bar to put the vitamins and minerals back into your body.

SPF lip balm – Your lips are often forgotten when it comes to protecting your skin against the sun. Sweat can also leave them feeling a little dry and chapped. Pack a moisturizing lip balm with added sunscreen, so your lips are well nourished and hydrated.

Packaway Mac – The weather can be pretty unpredictable. Make sure your workout isn’t spoiled by any sudden showers and invest in a lightweight, waterproof, packaway mac.

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